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your favorite circuit

gwr northants

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i was brought up in the north east , and for me it was olivers mount

scarborough, after the isle of man and the n west 200 olivers mount is the only open road track in britain ( i think and will stand corrected )

i went round here at 16 , on my mt 50 honda with a h100 engine in , flat out 75 mph lol but i really love this track been round it loads a times since , its seriously scary at times , the rally cars go round in the oppersite direction , done my best lap on a cbr blade back in 2005 , top course top place ( great fish n chips )

and the b n b,s r cheap too lol the smell of castrol r of the two strokes going round the hair pin left off the start line up the hill pure sex lol

also watching the likes of keith huewen jamie whitham etc etc wheelie up the hill at 60 70 80 90 mph awesome


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i live near darley moor, did stars of darley had some top racers there in the late 80s early 90s . been round it on my bike and did a road race on my push bike and got second happy days will look for the programmes and name the stars

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Nurburgring by far the best drivers circuit I've driven. Orton park and Caldwell in UK, but also have a soft spot for donnington as it holds some good memories for me.

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Caldwell in the uk without a doubt

Dono is special although it brings back hospital memories for me

Oh I liked the go kart track at Leicester where I beat Hendo ;):hrhr:

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Isle of Man TT circuit and Nurburgring are my 2 favourites for different reasons, also like Donington and, before you say it Steve, yes memories of a blown engine there!! lol :hrhr:

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Donnington for me. Always feels special when you see the Craners....

That's a new one to me do you mean Donington..lol

Never driven it but a lot of folk i know who do European circuits say spar is the best drivers track.

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