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woo woo woo hi ladies im home lol

gwr northants

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hello folks , yes today i was released from woodhill jail mk , and yes im buzzing me danglerly bits off lol .

i would firstly like to thank every one on here , for all the moral support and yes very importantly the financial support that a lot of members helped me and paula with , over the last 3 month.it enabled us to be able to keep up with the bills house gas etc etc etc

i was speech less to the help that was thrown our way , (yes even you ady with the cracking p take of a letter you sent , hmmmmm vodka lol )(you loon fella read that letter a good few times and always made me chuckle mate )

tbh folks i dont really know how to say thanks enough for the support ady scatty steve lee matt etc etc etc , really really made the world seem a lot better place for me while i was inside !!!! it made the horrible time for me and paula and the kids a wee bit easier , and i can never say thanks enough for that to every one , .

also i best come clean with what i was in for ????

i was sentanced to 6 month for a section 20 assault and public dissorder , ???

as many know on here i owned a lovely type r a while back and was involved in a head on accident with another driver , i have had over 18 months of legal battles in court over this accident , as he claims i was speeding in a 30 zone etc etc etc , its 5 witnesses against me and my passenger , so its still an on going case !!!

im taking a private legal action against the said person and yes its cost me over 2 grand so far !!!

well i had went to a house party in northampton were one of my mates had just got his first house and at around 6pm the shots were getting a bit low , so i volunteered to go get a few bottles in

well upon walking into his lcal shop ?? who do i meet yes the guy in question who i had ,had a accident with , words were exchanged a few pushes shoves etc etc ,

wich i then decided to head butt the person and start punching him.

yes i know people might say this is wrong , as yes it was , the car was my pride and joy , (it was a top motor ) i know that doesnt alter the fact that i assaulted him , and would i do it again ????

tbh yes i would but i should of waited for him to get out of the store before i done it (no cameras )

i was so pissed off at the time with the words that were exchanged in the shop (a right good slagging match to be honest )so thats what i was in for ,

once again i would like to say thanks for the scooby community on here that has helped myself and my wife and kids out loads !!!!

xxx from me and the family , and woodhill jail ???? the foods crap the gyms tiny , but you get a 14 inch tv and a kettle for 50p a week lol , and didnt get touched up once in the showers !!!

shame even shaved me pubes up speacial !!!!!!

oh and mods !!!!

bring it on lol right weres you porn lol !!!!!!

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Glad your back and your virginity is in tack lol,missed your banter on here ,here's to many days of reading your p**s takes.LET THE GAMES BEGIN :blush:

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you fookin ginger bender......

you should have done the cctv in after you had smacked him...

dont you watch any films......6 months but you at least probably felt a bit better knowing you had nutted the bloke...

glad your out and ok good sir....

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bet paula and kids are happy ....... :blush:

probably not lynne, me and ady wont be able to visit on wednesday nights now.... :p

we used to cook for her religiously....she used to love our version of sausage in cider.....

BOOM!!!!!! am ere all week!!!!!!

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Just seen this post bit late I know but welcome back mucka ,

lol as you wrote I can't blame you for what you did hope all gets better now your out hope to catch up with ya when I see you cheers bud

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probably not lynne, me and ady wont be able to visit on wednesday nights now.... :blush:

we used to cook for her religiously....she used to love our version of sausage in cider.....

BOOM!!!!!! am ere all week!!!!!!

Poor Paula having to rely on that ginger b' strd to fulfill her ample needs now lol

Glad ya out matey now be a good boy and look after ya family and enjoy your freedom

Oh.......and not touched up in the showers was because you were doing the touching ya great bender!

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God it's been ages since I called you that...

Let the games begin lol

Bet its gunna be weird not getting locked up each day and eating crap food though saying that you are back home and I've heard about paulas kinky role playing?

Good to hear from ya yesterday mate and I'll see you when I get back in the country, we can go for a non alcoholic beverage :blush:

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