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Nutter at the hospital


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got a phone call at work at 3 in the morning from my mum on Thurs. night Fri. morning to say she'd called a Dr. from mansfield due to being in a lot of pain from a suspected kidney stone, by the time the Dr. got there everything had calmed down and she thought she'd passed it.

Had a phone call from my mum last night at just after 10 saying the pain was back.

went round and picked her up and took her to newark hospital.

:welcome: There was this bloke there shouting at the staff about needing to see a psychiatrist.

I was about ready to lamp the bloke cos there was my mum in cosiderable pain and he was just going off on one.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the T**T he just needed somebody to talk too.

10:30 at night and he expected a shrink to be there :handy:

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So hows your Mum ?

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