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Steel Removal --- HELP!!!!!!!


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decided today I need more room at the garage so I stripped back the upstairs and removed the floor and the ceiling joists.

This was done so I could expose the beam and figure out how to remove it safely.

Well it would appear that I own the most over engineered building in Leicestershire. :)

So the question is guys, take a look at the below pics, could someone estimate the weight of this RSJ and advise on the easiest way to remove it. :vmellow:






As you can see its 8 meters long, 470mm deep, 220mm wide and is made of 20mm thick steel.

so guys, sensible answer please.

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Was thinking of akro proping it mate every 6 feet and bringing it down in sections. just a bit worried about the weight of the bloody thing.

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Some tool hire places do a nifty wind up/down hoist a couple of those will have it on the deck piece o cake.

Look here mate


Oh I like the look of those but i'd need at least 2, not the cheapest to hire, i might try see if i can borrow the RCM forklift.....lol

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It's very difficult to find the exact size to be honest John

I used an 18" x 6.25 x .711" = 70lb/ft

So i think if you go with a 1 Tonne (Metric) you'll be a bout right. Could Kill someone if its not propped and supported correctly.

You could prop it and support/chain and block it along its length every metre or so and then get it cut up before dropping it down

Good luck !


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Yes agree Lee. I added a bit on as i couldn't find the exact beam size and the one i found was smaller. So a tonne yes.

Beam clamp it, support it with a load bearing scaffold and burn it into sections and then lift each section down with a forktruck is how i've done it at work in the past. i guess John is limited by space to get big lifting gear in the garage now. It would have been put in when the buiding shell was bare.

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do you no anyone with a forklift truck or 2 if poss..they could perhaps lower it between them.....

bet your looking at a couple of tonnes.....

just be aware any accidents and mr health and safety will bite yer balls off

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That would be the best way to go Fork Truck, One Truck would hold thet Beam up and lower down safely. Looks like it is set into the wall so I would build a Platform to hold up the Beam and then Cut through it, then lower in sections longer job but would be safer. You can then move it off to the Scrap Yard to re-coup some of the cost.

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I agree with all the comments about the weight and how dangerous it will be to take it down,but what would worry me is why it was there in the first place, is it a supporting beam, and what structural damage may occur to the gable walls if you were to remove it..

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