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its getting crazy...me and bex were talking at the outrage when the fuel went to £1 per litre..oh happy days eh!!!

i drove back from ipswich on tuesday, i was on the red light and nearly out of fuel so had to stop at the services at leicester forest east. i put £10 of crap fuel in just to get me home at £1.56!!!!

id just got back and parked on the drive and the fuel light came on again...bloody ridiculous.....

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What can we all do? :money: ..

..I thought of robbing Banks but all the money's been nicked already !......A life of Crime is certainly the way to go...Why not ?..Politicians have done really well out of it over the years !!

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Makes you wonder if its worth it half of the time, I used to say that I only work to live, but now I think I live to work to pay TAX. I do not know when enough is going to be enough, but I often think we do not pay enough TAX, as not all the people are moaning about being skint, only the few of which I'm one. Times are only going to get harder and I feel for the next Generation.

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