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Looks abit weird. :crazy:

Will get used to it I'm sure :Angry_623:

Please bear with me I will be introducing a range of themes so you can change the colour of the forum but may be a day or 2. Still making sure it all works.

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ye its a bit bright for me lol well done tho could we still put the smilies on the side of the screen

In the new format you need to click the ssmiley face on the task bar then all the smiley's appear below the post box.

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When I post in a topic then view new posts, the topic has disappeared. This never used to happen?

Sorry Lee missed this

Basically the new forum software is alot more sophisticated than the previous version the new forum will recognise that you have posted in a Topic and thus assumes its no longer new as you've read it so removes it from the list. This ultimately speeds up the forum as we have grown and the forum sees more and more users it saves valueable storage space and cache memory I hope i've explained it properly.

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