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Anyone ever had any problems with pistonheads?


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Just wanted to know if any ones had any issues with pistonheads?

I wrote a full advert out last weekend uploaded pics and everything saved it logged on and off 3 times to make sure it had saved proper all was good, Left it for 24 hours just in case i remembered something i forgot to put in the advert went on there and the advert was gone EVERYTHING!!!

Took me 3 hours to complete the advert so i was severely pissed off, well i've just gone on there now to create a new one i filled out the create an add section name/address etc etc, filled it in 7 times and every time i try to create one it wipes its all off?

Anyone had these kinda probs?

Didn't realise selling a car would be this hard!

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No mate,dead easy when I did it before Xmas.they were in the process of changing stuff though.

I'd email them or phone um, might save u wasting another 2 hours. Is it still free?

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