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I miss GWR.....

plr northants

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You don't realise it until someone has gone away for a long period of time...2 hrs a month ain't quite enough for me,even the phone calls are like 2 mins at a time....Whatever you do folkes,don't be getting into bother,it ain't worth being sent to jail,believe me,it's not good being on the recieving end of it.

Miss me lovely OLD gwr like mad,even his annoying moments and loud music at 3am lol.

Sorry if i'm putting a downer on things,but if i don't say it i'll go mad,you lot have been great to me and i'm so gratefull,but not the same without GWR !!!! LOL

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i feel sorry for the wardons...bet they feel like trying to smuggle him out to give them a break..Wont be long now P till hes home,just expect him to be a bit nervous in the shower if he sees the soap on the floor..He might not be that keen to pick it up...

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