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Scottish Independence


Scottish Independence  

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  1. 1. Scottish Independence Y/N

    • YES
    • NO
    • Cut if off with a chainsaw and float it off to the North Sea

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not really bothered, unless you are scottish who cares. if they do id make them take half our debt as well...

like hendo says they hate us with a passion, let them end up like ireland and see them come running back. or thjey could make it better and we will all want to move north.....

who knows.....

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Let 'em 'av it !

Gert to fook we the heathen 'ard drinkin' barsterds ..Drinking_trink38.gif...thee can have the Heart disease ridden society!

On the other hand, if they make a good go of it and and bring some common sense back to society, kick out all the wasters in Scotland (which will make it very empty) then i might just emigrate to this new country and fook yer English sassenachs crazysmile.gif

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