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Visiting tomorrow

plr northants

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Been a very long 2 weeks since i saw old Gazbert,i'm so looking forwad to a little kiss and cuddle,(not enough mind).I'm missing him so bloody much!!!

Was hoping to take his clothes to him,but he's not put in an app for them(numpty).

Spoke to him earlier and he said "before my money runs out,don't forget to say a big thanks to everyone on MS for the support and the letters,and tell em to keep the letters coming to keep me sane"

Ive sent him envelopes with stamps on them so he's able to reply,he's had a haircut so he won't look too bad (ADY) tomorrow,had a shave today and cut himself a few times lol,but he's doing ok,misses everyone from home and ms lots lol!!

If anyone wants to send him a message or your adress,pm me and i'll pass it on to him through email.

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He was ok,looked a bit drawn to me,didn't really look himself,but he said he was(so he said),spent a bloody fortune this week on him,£30 cash,stamps,£10 to send emails,£30 jumper,costing me a bloody fortune this is,not good him being in there,not doing any of us any good at all,especially the kids,Tamzin's starting to ask awquard questions,don't know what to say,try to change the subject,but that don't last long,too bloody clever this girl !!!

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hes prob missing you and the kids ...

what to say to the kids well thats a hard one ,

working away? ? kids are clever .and they will know something is wrong but they cope better than what you think ,

my heart goes out to ya . was in a similar situation not so long ago .heart.gif

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Going to see him again next monday,then he can have his clothes,books ect,and no,not porn lol

2 of his mates are taking me,he will be having words with one of them,he's supposed to his closest mate(known him for 12 yrs) Not once has he phoned me,iv'e phoned him,you soon realise who your real friends are in this situation,and now we know who are...You lot on here lol,suprisingly,you lot have done so much,we really can't thank you all enough,i'll be sending him some envelopes today with Steve777's adress on,he has Ady's and Lees(if he put it in his letter),the small things are so expensive in there,this week he bought toothpaste,toothbrush,baby lotion as his skin is terrible,and some tobacco,that's it,his money is spent !!!So it ain't pleasant in there for him,but then again,he is in prison i suppose !!!

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