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Message in an email

Scooby 17

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I have started this tread and will copy and paste peeps comments to send in an email and send it onto Gaz as i have got a system to send him an email

from what i can work out it goes to the prison they will read content then print it for gaz !

so peeps if u want to send a message post below i will send email some stage sunday eve to give peeps a chance to posst up , dont forget on the post to state username and names so gaz will know who is who

thanks guys and girls , keep it clean lol

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Having a dad that was sent away for 6 months in the 70's

I know how the family are feeling whilst your away.

It's easy to say keep your spirits up and the time will pass quickly, but that's what you've got to do.

All the best and I'll think about buying you a drink when I next see you. :thumbup:

Stephen (scoobyspud)

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gaz you fookin retard.

at least you will be able to read this message....looking forward to a man hug when you get out.....be carefull of that shower block!!!!!!! bex said to say something nice, but i couldnt allow myself....looking forward to seeing ya ginger bald bonce at the meet....

scatty and bex...

Edited by scatty
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Gaz, said a bit in the letter. Keep ya chin up fella, everyone's rallying round for Paula and the kids so don't worry. Another thanks to Jase for sorting the email out. If they have sunbeds there remember to stay away from them, you'll fry ya ginger freak.

Hendo, Lisa and little G xx

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Hi Gaz, dont know what you have been upto and not bothered either, just hope you are keeping okay, read a few posts and it looks like your Paula is in safe hands, possibly 22 :pic:, from a Tranny Trucker to a Ginger Trucker youve never met, all the best mate, keep your Pecker up.

DEEDEE --- Chris

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