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............on reflection while reading it back i noticed a few things

1. lots of references to bumming in the showers

2. lots of references to his mrs being extremely well looked after

3. lots of references to alcohol and him not being able to get any

4. lots of references to shawshank redemption

i have possibly been a little insensitive with my letter.......oh well.....i will get over it :prrr:

am ere all week :prrr:

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Ady,he wouldn't expect anything less from you,and Scatty you need to buy a typewriter lol...Ive not heard from him since thursday,he said he had Scatty's but no-one elses,i'm sure he will get them,they seem to take forever to get to him,i'm sure he will have a laugh reading them,so keep sending them,wether their naughty or nice ones.... :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Ive emailed him twice so far via paula's account and had some cheeky stuff in it each time...

Wasn't sure about it but paula said bald rick would like it so thought bollox abuse the ginger poof!

pmsl,spoke to him this morning briefly,he only had 70p left on his phone card,wants to save some so he can speak to Tamzin on tuesday(her bday).

I mentioned these emails to him,he said fire away,but beware folkes, HE WILL BE BACK to abuse you all !!!!

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we got £45.. it paid for our lunches....

cheers gazbert....

i think it was that cold we forgot...well done for volunteering next month ant..... :pic:

Edited by scatty
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