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General Election


General Election  

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  1. 1. Which political party would you choose tonight?

    • Conservative
    • Labour
    • Liberal Democrats
    • Other

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good one ady slightly different me lib dem as con and lab have both f**ked the country up so let some one else have a go! !!!!

and i hate politics they all lie! !!!

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god help us gaz if that wet arse clegg got into power, we'd be wearing euro hats and the human rights scarfs....

if cameron had some balls and told europe and the human rights act to take a running jump, then we might get somewhere.....

basically this countries fooked......i agree rob, thatcher wouldnt have stood for any s**t off anyone...and she would have used that wet lettuce milliband as a dildo....

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lol i put that james as they all lie cheat say what people want to hear then do what? ??

nothing sweet fa but line there own pockets.

i hate politics i really hate how this once great country has become (the arm pit of europe )

i might stand as mp

in the i dont give a fook about anyone party! !!

as thats what they all do.

hang em all in my eyes. !!!!!!!!

i did like thatcher had balls the size of a bull

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Country is on its fookin knees being fooked up the arse by Europe, The yanks and all the benefit spongers not to mention all the Johnny foriegien fookers entering for freebies courtesy of the state and tax payers. You could put mr fookin blobby in charge and it probably would get better! MP's are all waffle and no action. All the PC regulations and walking on eggshells around people with " issues" such as skin colour, religious beliefs, behavioural problems, and the like, beggar belief! Dont even get me started on all the benefit fraud going on, along with all the fraud whiplash and dodgy insurance claims that bump up premiums for the honest people. Had an accident at work? Slip or fall??

What where your going them you clumsy c**t!

Off rant:)

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