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dick head alert

gwr northants

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Right just so you know we are aware that the current spate of spamming is coming from either an individual or group who are based in Poland hence the obscurity of the text, we have banned 3 ip address's and numerous logins from these locations all coming back as being generated in Warsaw Poland. In the short term we have have also implemented the following procedure's

1 Guests can no longer post on the forum they can view read etc but not post.

2 To post you need to register (ie give an email and ip traceable address)

3 We have implemented a more secure registration procedure (there is now a question to answer so you need to be a person not a computer to register)

4 In the short term all new registerants will have there details checked by admin prior to being allowed to post (this may result in a short delay in their registration)

We hope that will put an end to the issue's this has caused and appologise to all our Users for the inconvenience this has caused over the last day or 2

Lee / Ady / Sheepy thanks for the texts over the last 2 days in allowing us to swiftly deal with the issue's any probs in the future then please let one of the moderating team know a.s.a.p and we'll deal with it as soon as we can.

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