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in the dog house..


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well i will be...

as you know i did 2 trips down to bournemouth just before i got the car. first time we went to view, i drove there and back. 2nd time when we went to pick it up bex drove there and back.

well, she had a letter from work a couple of days ago saying they had received a letter of prosecution for speeding by dorset police!!!! NOT GOOD!!!!so ive been slightly worried about the letter arriving to find my clean license may be blemished...

got back tonight to find the cat has ripped open this formal letter, to find bex is the unlucky one....

mmmmmm, im guessing she isnt going to be very happy......

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Or just buy a

big bag and shag her brains out lol

If not send bex down here im sure to make her feel welcome! !!!!!

bex i do i wicked fry up! !! sausage egg bacon hash brown black pudding beans tomatos toast! !!!!!

.And a big glass of vodka! !!!!!!!!!? hmmmmmmmmmmmn

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no, she was back down to zero untill this last episode.

altho she did a speed awareness just before xmas... :p

that obviously worked wonders for the pair of you.... :thumb:

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