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what are you doing today


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Just going down to the pub

For some wine and some grub

A laugh with my mates

I wont be home too late

My music on loud as in the shower ill go

Then do my hair and make-up

Oh yes, and my red lipstick hoho

Back out for kareoke

More wine on the flow

Ill befeeling s**t hot by then

So ill give any song a go

Finish the night with a curry

Then home i will go

With my scoobie4 husband

And the rest youv no need to know

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Scoob Number 7 soon??

Amidst all the hub-bub,

for a scoob I'm going lookin'

Whilst the misses is downstairs

my breakfast a cookin'

If I find one I want

I'll want to go see it,

So it'll be off in the Merc

and in comfort I'll sit.

When I get where I'm going

I'll have a good look

and if it's the car that I want

a deposit will be took!

Then later I'll go back

to pick up the scoob

and put it through it's paces

Coz I aint no noob!

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Thanks for answering back with a poem

Its sounding really good

Hope you find your scoobie

Just like you really should

So you say you are no noobie

And im sure your really not

So open up that engine

And show them what youv got

Take care

Second lady

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Took the car for the MOT passed with flying colours.

Impressed really as in the last two years it's never been touched other than servicing, think it needed a side light bulb last year.

Trip to Bridgend tomorrow to look round an Evo for my mate, weekend gone.

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Spent an hour defrosting the tap and the hose, then went to the shop for smokes and red bull. Washed the car and towelled her down lovingly. Started trying to polish her but far too much moisture in the air. Polish wouldn't dry so gave up...

Just loaded the washing machine, now time to chill for an hour before I have to go pick the missus up and take her out for dinner.... Kinda thinking Forza 4 would be the preferred choice tonight!

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i think you should get a rb320 marv ??? dont think you have had a hawkeye ??

and you have had most rare one,s 22b spec c etc etc

he had a hawkeye back in 06/07 IIRC

then sold on to another member on here

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