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A jolly fine day!


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:D Well I've had a terrific friday 13th!!! Drove over to Pentagon Subaru where I was greeted with a smile and a great deal on an oil and filter change. And some shiny bits! They checked my track rod ends and couldn't find any play or fault, contrary to the MOT report from Top Boss..... though they did point out a split in the CV gator... A good once over courtessy check and everything else is fine.

Then I popped home for lunch before heading off to Imageworks for my new sunstrip. They did a spanking job! We also discussed a design for a bespoke Colin Mcrae/Richard Burns vinyl for my car and just waiting for their skillz in turning my idea into a design. Once mine are on if people like it I don't mind sharing! If they turn out ok I might have a few made up and donate the profits to RB foundation and CM vision... :D

Finally, a steady motorway run to Roger Clark Motorsport at Hinckley to fetch my new fuel pump! Decided I needed a drive as the car hasn't really been used except for work lately. Had a great chat with the always friendly and helpful Mr Gamble and got some useful info. Also realised it was very bloody lucky I'm waiting for a new pin number for my card else I woulda left there broke and with a car full of shiny! Mike took me into the workshop but although I wanted to go and have a close up look, I resisted the urge as we're there in Feb!

Then it was followed by a nice cross-country jaunt which reminded me why I love my car! Can't wait for Sunday, when Lord Linton has kindly offered to help me fit my pump and show me how!

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