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Rallying for Help for Heroes


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Rallying for Help for Heroes

During 2011 the RAF Typhoon Rally Team approached the Chesterfield based Subaru specialist ScoobyClinic to see if they could get to the bottom of a few problems they were having with their Impreza rally car.


Up until that point, the team had been unable to realise the full potential of the Subaru, which had been running at mid-table in its class.

Following a thorough inspection by the ScoobyClinic and the addition of a new Syvecs ECU, the car promptly romped home to victory on the teams next event by over a minute and a half; with that, a new partnership was born.

With much improved performance over the remainder of the season, the team secured 2nd place overall in the Group N 4wd class of the "2011 MSA Asphalt Rally Championship" against some stiff opposition.

Fast forward to the end of last year, and the team were back talking to Kev and the team at ScoobyClinic to draw up a plan of action for their 2012 season.

For 2012 they had decided that they wanted to go faster, and would be looking for success in the B13 class of the championship. This meant that a new car would be required in order to stand a chance against the ex-WRC cars that littered their new class.

In addition to creating an all new rally car, it was agreed that that the bodywork would predominantly feature the charity Help for Heroes in order to provide great exposure and support for the cause.


Part of team driver Sgt Chris Daykins role within the rally team is to help raise money and awareness for the charity which goes some way to repaying his debt to the Help for Heroes centre at Headley Court. As an active service member, as are the majority of the team, Sgt Daykin has recently been discharged from Headley, where money raised by public donations has enabled him to recover from an injury sustained whilst serving his squadron. This is one of the reasons behind the teams desire to do well in order to benefit those that have sustained even worse injuries than Chris did.

Going back to the car; as luck would have it tucked away in a corner of the ScoobyClinic workshop stood a seam welded, wide bodied 2dr shell, which had sat unloved and coated in dust for 7 years, waiting for its moment to shine.



Company patriarch Kevin Knight saw the potential in the shell, and suggested using it as the basis for the 2012 car.

As the previous car had been built and maintained by mechanics from the teams base at RAF Marham, they were understandably keen to be involved with the new bare shell build; which would also help keep the build costs at an acceptable level. With some additional guidance on offer from the regular mechanics at the ScoobyClinic the RAF team jumped at the chance to get stuck in.

In order to assist with the process, Kev also provided a donor car, which would be used for as many major parts as possible, as well as providing the hundreds of clips and fastenings that would go into the new shell.

Time to break out the tools and cue the music………………

Using the Mica Green 4dr as a donor, the job to get the car prepared got underway, and within 48 hours the road car was stripped to little more than a bare shell.


Filling the engine bay will be a relatively standard engine, as regulations insist on a sub 2 litre capacity. In addition to the restrictions imposed on Mark and Andy (ScoobyClinics engine gods!) by the capacity limit, there will be the required 34mm restrictor in the air inlet which will limit the cars power to around 300bhp.


The rest of the cars running gear will also be prepared to meet the demands of the flat out sections of tarmac as well as the regular jumps that are littered throughout the rally stages that lie ahead.




With a project like this, the team are heavily reliant on sponsorship to see the car through to completion, and to make it from event to event along with carrying out any repairs along the way. (It is a rally car after all!)

Already there are several national companies supporting the build:-

ScoobyClinic Providing the car and expertise for the build.

Adrian Flux Providing the cars insurance.

Tarox Brakes Provided all the brake components for the car.

Life Line Providing safety equipment.

More details on new sponsors and the project build will be added as the team counts down to their first event. If you would like to help support the project in any way, please drop me a line.

The team are entering the 2012 MSA Asphalt Rally Championship which encompasses 9 rounds from around the country.

Round Event

Tour of Epynt 11th March

Isle of Man 11th May

Jim Clarke National 1st June

Rally of the Midlands 22nd June

ALMC Stages 15th July

Tyneside Stages 12th August

MEWLA National Rally 26th August

Patriot Stages Rally 30th September

Cheviot Rally 4th November

This high profile rally championship will be televised by Motors TV throughout the year, so look out for the car on your screens in the months to come.

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Excellent write up and good to see such a worthy cause being highlighted on here and supported by one of our club sponsors, so well done Scoobyclinic and all of the team involved - good luck for 2012 :D

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Things have been moving on a pace over the past couple of weeks at “ScoobyClinic”.

The shell has now been given a lick of “WRC Blue” in readiness for the final graphics.



In order to meet the 2012 corporate guidelines of the charity “Help for Heroes”, the graphic layout of the car needed to be changed.


The team of mechanics from ScoobyClinic, ably assisted by Neil from the RAF have been working hard to get the car to its current state.



In addition to being painted, the car has now been fitted with the 22B front wings, a bonnet, lights and a number of other pieces.



Like a grown up climbing frame!

A carbon fibre roof scoop will direct air into the cabin, and keep both driver and co-driver cool under pressure.


The interior is starting to take shape with a dashboard installed.



The engine is currently away at an engineering works, where it is being prepared in readiness for the rebuild.

More updates will follow in the coming days.

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Update on the “Help for Heroes”/”Scooby Clinic” rally car.

Work is progressing at a pace up at the farm, and despite the recent wintery conditions that have seen the temperatures plummet; the team are busy fitting the parts that will see this Impreza become formidable opposition for others in the B13 class.

A beautifully crafted bracket now provides a home for the hydraulic handbrake, which will allow driver Chris to spin the car on the spot. To remain MOT compliant, the standard handbrake remains.


The steering column has been extended in order to bring it closer to the driver, as the seat is positioned as far back as possible to create better weight distribution.



A custom built sump guard has been created in order to protect the underside of the engine, which is secured to a custom subframe as well as the underside of the engine cross member


The rear brakes have been installed, with a mixture of 2 pot calipers and Tarox supplied discs and pads. All fixtures and fittings have been gratefully supplied by “Hose Technik”, and all brake lines and fuel lines will be fitted in the near future.



Whilst “Forge” are currently building a custom Intercooler for the project, as well as a number of other components, a trick turbo installation has been fitted.


Designed to reduce lag, the turbo will sit directly behind the radiator/intercooler and the resulting pipework will flow with the minimum of bends, which will allow the gases to escape more efficiently.



Stay tuned for more details.

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I take it the car won't be finished for the first round of the Championship this Sunday and Chris will be using his old car @ Eypnt

Nope! :lol:

Thanks to everyone's hard work, blood, sweat and tears the car made it to the 1st event!!! :laughing:

The car left scoobyclinic at 3.15am Sunday morning with only dyno miles under it's belt and no real world testing, so what better way of a shake down than the Tour of Epynt 2012!:D

The car ran the morning session on boost setting 1 as Chris the driver obviously had had no time in the car getting used to it thus completing the 1st stage carefully, making sure everything was settling in ok.:thumb:

The afternoon session saw the boost turned up to setting 2, Chris commented on just how good the car was running at this point, again slowly raising the power for the driver to get to grips with a untested car!

Later that afternoon Chris swithced the car to boost setting 3 and was flying, literally! At one point the car was totally airborne and Chris was amazed at how well the car flew! Now I know these guys are used to working with RAF Typhoons all day so when they said fly that's what they meant! "When airborne the car just glides throught the air with no pitch or roll,it's so well balanced if it had wings we would be flying!! :lol:

The car finished the event unscathed and giving the driver invaluable experience ready for the next round :thumb::D

Well done to everyone involved, lets see what round 2 has in store!:thumb:



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Great to see everything came together in the nick of time, must have been lots of Midnight Oil burnt by all involved.

Eypnt not the best place to try and learn a new car. Gutted I couldn't make it to Eypnt yesterday but with my Scooby of the road didn't want to make the 3 hour drive in the tired courtesy car, look forward to seeing the car out on the stages soon.

You are also building an Engine for another Rally Impreza that I know of.

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Report from Sargent Chris Dakin

Alan Healey Memorial Rally Cadwell Park 8th April

The car was returned to Scooby Clinic the Tweaks after the first round of the REIS MSA National Tarmac Championship.

On discusssion with Kev it was decided that we would do a shakedown rally in preperation for the most demanding and dangerous rally of 2012, the Manx National Rally in May on the Isle of Man.

So, we collected the Car after lots of hard work form all at the Clinic, helped again by Neil from the RAF Team.

Pat the master Mapper was now a lot happier with the performance, so I was under instruction to stretch the legs of the SCR1 as I have named it....

The top 3 cars were all WRC types from a P2000 to S11's.

We started car 23 out of 55...

Stage Positions:

Stage 1......12th

Stage 2......10th

Stage 3......9th

Stage 4 to 8.....8th

Stage 9......7th......Set 5th fastest time.

Stage 10.....8th......Rained whilst on stage....wrong type of tyres...Slicks...

Final Result: 8th Overall 2nd in class-beat S11 by 41 secs!

Wow, what a machine Scooby Clinic,the Team and Sponsors have built.

Engine performed faultlessly, load more power and anti lag was great.

Handling - Powerflex / Kumho Mix....perfect.

Rally Mechanics - brilliant. Rob - Brad - Nath- Dave.

Race Engineer - My Rock ! Neil

Co-driver - Dan - Kept me on the straight and narrow.

Speaking to Kev and Pat at the Clinic - time to turn the power up more....can't wait.....

More News to come....

Thanks for reading....

Chris (the driver)

The beast in action!!


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