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Yep the man him self.

Nice to see you Gaz and Matt again, i no it's a good treck for you guys. see you soon :Drinking_trink38:

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What about me beanpole???

Am i your favourite sunburn victim :Drinking_trink38:

Good too see some old faces as well as new ones and i can back GWR up and guarantee he was 100% sober!!!

But he's still a bender though :Drinking_trink38:

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pmsl at scattys pic

yeah good to see ya all and yeah richard aint seen you in ages mate , since the bubble days . twas a good meet , i like that pub nice place , (and yes i was sober and only had one pint ) :laughing: (no not vodka either cheeky sods )

and yeah good seeing all the faces , scattys car does look good but how bloody small lol , right little corgi car !!!!!

azz has found a new love but i best not mention the name of it :censored::censored: :ce :winkin::roadrage: nsored:

good meet good chat hi to every one there , and hope to get to a few this year be a laugh

and scatty as bex said im not ginger its ??? string gold ???? lol pmsl

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