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Whoop Whoop I have internet again!


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For any concerned individuals out there, no I'd not fallen down a well, just BT decided to moving installing the broadband from the 6th Dec to 4th Jan :wallbash:

So Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone. What have i missed????

Bare with me while I do some catching up on threads.

I understand i was car of the month in December.

But late now i know, but thank you for all who voted. :animier:

Also noted there's a very special car in the this months Total Impreza magazine.... no doubt there's a lengthy thread on that too :respect:

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Best fill ya in fella.

Ady and a few others, finally came out the closet and confessed to a cross dressing fetish.

Lynne and her fella were arrested by the fuzz, turns out they were a modern day bonnie and clyde, breaking into banks to steal money via the catflap. Currently on bail awaiting sentencing.

Scatty was ordered by his wife, Rebbeca as he now has to refer to her, to sell his Scoob and buy something that would make him unattractive to other women. He was going to get a green lowered golf, but threw up at the viewing.

GWR's been trying to get his name off the sex offenders register, so that he can join us on the Easter egg run. He's also struggling to get some vomit stains from out his Christmas jumper.

Adam has decided to break his 2 grand scrapper, all parts are currently available in a January sale, nothing is priced over £100. He's trying to raise at least £1000 and buy a Austin Maestro.

Stig Dan romantic xmas holiday for 2 with Ady to Paris was a make or break event for their relationship. News hasn't filtered back yet regarding this, but am sure you along with everyone wish them well.

A rumour has been circulating that Andy, Marv and Azz have banned themselves from posting on the site. This has yet to be confirmed.

Oh and Santa came.

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Lee forgot to mention that he also won the euro

and can now afford enough just for men to dye his hair.

Has sold the scoob and now bought a pink cadillac

as he drives like miss daisy.

Jamie has given up on his gay escort work as he got abused by a well hung black man

and matt has bought a burger van as he spends most of his life at them! !!!

(he does give ms members discount )

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