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Easter Eggs N Teddy bears


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Hope ya'all had a good xmas and a jolly good new year!

I was wondering if anyone was up for an Easter Egg n Teddy bear run at Easter? My plan was to plan a route that included some interesting driving points finishing at the hospital where where eggs or a little gift carried by each car would be delivered for the kids on the childrens ward. There's no expectation for people to spend much but I thought that it would be a nice gesture and if it works would be a good way to get the clubs name in the local papers.

I have done a little digging and and there are provisions in place with the police to make a run with their help and with points like the Friargate low arched bridge there will be plenty of opportunity for some giggles along the way and for photo's and videos. I also know that the hospital would be more than happy for something like this.

Obviously time is a factor in getting it planned and implemented and I'm happy to put the effort in should people feel they want to get involved. If you think its something you'd like to be part of let me know and we can get a proper thread sorted through whoever is now in charge of organising events....


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Tbh and serious for UNO momento, it is about time we did a charity run. It's been threatened for years at Xmas and Easter time but never quite happened, so good on ya Dan.

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No real arrangements sorted yet. All I did was a bit of research before I put the idea to people. No point suggesting something and then finding out it can't be done but I will get right on it and see what I can do. The run won't be a long one and the whole point is a noticeable parade for a cause not a race.

Its funny, but I actually thought I might get through a whole thread without a fat joke :funny34d: But Ady never fails to disappoint lol

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fair play dan or is it desperate as in pies lol

but like has been said before cracking idea top man !!!

also be a good photo opotunity for jase to get his camera out !!!!

and a phone call to the local papers ya never know a bit of free publicity (and in a good cause )

might bring in a few more paying members ?????

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Yup I've already started drafting an email to Derbyshire Police. Usually on this sort of thing they're always more than willing to help, especially when you mention the media lol. I will also contact the hospital and see how they would want us to proceed and what gifts etc would be suitable and what numbers are normal. Don't want to get there and there's 25 kids and 5 broken hearts and teary eyes because only 20 people turned up. The option is there to approach other local car groups or clubs to boost numbers... The press will also be contacted and arrangements made for them to send a photographer. Though if Jase does manage to get a decent snap I am sure they will use that one :respect:

Logistically I think visiting 3 hospitals in 3 counties isn't really doable as it means dealing with 3 police forces. With more time to plan and liase it sounds like a cracking idea for xmas though if this one goes well Ady! Obviously we'll have to let you lead so as not to leave you behind when we all accelerate ;)

As for the date and time that's all dependant on the response from the hospital. Until I get that I couldn't possibly say. What I will say is most likely a sunday and most likely mid morning as the hospital would want to avoid meal times so as to not disrupt the childrens routines, medicines etc...

Its a great opportunity for us as a club to do something worthwhile and generate a few smiles. The fact it may make local papers and even possibly local news is a welcome bonus.

Steve is going to generate a pinned thread in the events section I believe. If you are interested and know that you'd make it please fire your names down. If you're unsure just wait until the date is released. Also, if you have any friends/family that could help with marshalling or photographs and videos along the way there will be a list for volunteers too.

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