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how long will it be

gwr northants

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ha ha...

i have caught my leg on a sharp bit nr the door and look like ive been battered with a hammer.....

mastered the entering and exiting, its only difficult in a small space, if anyone parks close to you its game over, you need to push the car away from the dick who parked next to you. ive been parking well out of the way it must be said....been having to catch a taxi from tescos carpark to the store..

only problems at the minute are a window thats a bit drafty, and the boot lever is the s**ttiest think ive ever known. im sure scott will fix it for me....not that theres much to put in the boot, its just a bugger to open and shut...

i think these are common exige problems...still love it though. i even went for a tootle on mi todd the other night, not done that for a while!!!

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it does feel kind of right if you know what i mean....id imagine the 260 cup version is an animal....

Nice choice of car there, even though I ended up choosing an Impreza, I was into the idea of an exige this autumn, We (me and a friend) test drove this car:

Exige Type 72

Its upgraded by Lotus to 260Hp, not sure if its exactly the same as the 260cup but I can say it was pretty amazing. My friend was going to buy it but he ended up deciding he wants either a GT3 or a 2-Eleven instead, shame really he has a slightly larger budget than me. Not long before that I'd test driven an Elise 111R for myself, there was a HUGE difference :Drinking_trink38:

However to get to the point, after failing at getting in and out of the Elise, I cheated and watched loads of youtube videos, if anyone is going to go for a drive in one, I suggest watching this so as not to look like a prat in public as I did ;) (video links below)


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