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britain today

gwr northants

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we have all heard of the tram woman in the last few weeks ????

but really what is going on in this once great country ???

migrant workers ???? dole slackers ?????

lazy sods on medical ?????

does any one else on here feel as p offed as me about how this country is going !!!!!

we have the best armend forces in the world !!!! the boys and girls are the heart of the country !!!!!!

but we also have the most lazy good for f all t w a t s living in this country !!!!

life is what you make it !!!!!

england the land of the hope and free?????

i honestly dont know as politics back handers etc etc etc seem to go all the way !!!!

also , wouldnt it be nice to have a mp that actually knew what it was like to bring a family up on say 35 grand a year

it aint f ing easy !!!!!

we all try our best but why does the rich get richer and we get s**t on !!!!!!!!

im gonna become fiddel castrol and smoke crack all day blow things up and live like a god ?????

oh sorry best change my name to any foooooooking mp in this country !!!!!

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it was a great country......

you could walk into one job ....and easley find another ....

now you got to stay where you are .even if you hate it ...there is nothing out there...

poles greeeeeeeeet people for taking our jobs ,well for the ones that want to work .........

the dole doggers....who ,has caused some of the prob.....

bloke next door to me .worked for years,down the road .working on farm ...made them all reduntant .

then 6 mths later .enployed all polish cheep labour ?

and mp wonder why we are pissssss off?

they keeping kids in school now till 18 ...so there not a nother number on doll cue .

nothing out there for the ones that leave school..then send them to collige to get better grades for what ?

SORRY GUYS RANT OVER ..............................thumbdown.gif

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aint a rant lynne thats how ya feel an fair play

we all try our best but i feel like im getting s**t on major time !!!!

this once great country ???? were are we going !!!!!

i dont know !!!!

im thinking about re,enlisting and taking my frustration out on people i can shoot !!!!

ive spoke to paula about this and she aint happy but ive made enquiries and im still accepatable (so i might) do i want to ??? yeah f it maybe i do !!!! great feeling a gpmg get hot in ya hands while wasting taliban lol !!!!! ohhh hot stepper lol dance boy !!!!!!!

it aint good though we all try our best and get no were !!!!

i should f off to south america like mu brother and earn good money !!!

but why should i leave my home country !!!!

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