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goodbye but not farewell....


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well, not quite. love this place too much to leave and have too many friends. but i sold the scoob 2 weeks ago after 4 years of ownership. probably the best car i have owned and made some great friends and a little bit of knowledge along the way. went to another enthusiast who i know will drive it hard, much harder than i ever did...sad to see it go, but needed a change. i can definately see me back in a scoob thats for sure..

you may know my love for the exige has been strong, so i thought the time was right to try one. after months of looking one finally came along which fitted the bill....daft car daft colour. picked it up from bournemouth this morning. pretty much standard, well apart from a 2bular zorst and an upgraded suspension set up. first impressions, noisy, cramped, cant see anything out of the back, way slower than the scoob. but boy does it corner well. handling is amazing,6 speed toyota engine suits nicely. cant wait to see what its like in the dry...anything so small with tyres the same size as the scoob has got to be good...il let you know how i get on with it, but first impressions are good..will still be on here and i intend to attend all the shows, so not much change.....just that i will have to park with the riff raf..altho at least it has a jap engine....

its absolutely filthy, and is desperate for a wash..




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MMMMMMM first problem encountered.....i can get the car into the garage no problem. sadly with the high sills and doors not opening very far.. i cant get out the bloody car....bex thought it hilarious...

looks like the first job will be to rearrange the shelves etc in the garage, all her bloody rubbish....sheepy!!! may need the van over xmas to get some boards from wickes!!! :lol:

well bex will..... :thumb:

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Glad you intend to stay around thumbsup.gif

Great motor with great pedigree and has the additional vent in the roof to stick your head into !!! lol

Would really like a go in that, just to see what all the fuss is about !

ps. had a Lotus Eclat many years ago (1986, it was a 1978 car)...i was only 22 but my lasting impression will always be what a phenomenal handling car it was!...Thanks Colin Chapman biggrin.gif

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Very nice Scatty glad you found what you were looking for, cant wait to see how well it moves next to the scoobs :thumb:

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Well james, when you told me the last week what you had done i said at the time that i was pleased for you matey!!!

And now seeing the green bogue in these pics really makes me even more jellous!!!!

Enjoy it buddy!!!!! :thumbup:

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Very nice scatty, that's my third fave colour after the orange and white, nice choice :thumb:

very jealous, and would be high on my list of choices if I didn't need 4 seats and a boot for 2 dogs :D

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