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For all you bonnet lickers


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A friend who is a detailler posted this on Facebook, this must have been but clenching when started, wet sanding your car to improve the paint...but man, the finish that they achieve...professionals at work, Amazing.


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Mirror finish in Black...very impressive thumbsup.gif

Something i have thought about many times but i use the car regularly and it would pain me to see it getting dirty afterwards (especially after spending good money on the work!)

Think i will stick with the more self gratifying D.i.Y cleaning and polishing, i find doing this kind of stuff (although not to this superlative level) very therapeutic on a nice day biggrin.gif

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looks fab, but in the real world how long does it last before you think it needs doing again.

TBH unless the car's in a showroom or museum all the time is there any point going to all that time and money to wet sand it down and re polish up?

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In my experience, how long it last depends upon the quality and frequency of use of products to keep the paint in good condition.

With my V5 Wagon, once done by the detailler, using Swissol on it twice a year was enough to keep it gleeming. I'm hoping for the same result after he's been and done the Foz in the near future.

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