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Guys, bringing a little seriousness to Midland Scoobies is normally impossible but I'll have a go.

Last night a friend was driving his lorry on the motorway when a motorist parked on the hard shoulder was sucked underneath the wheels of an artic. He was then hit by a second lorry and would have been hit by my friend had he not managed to lock the brakes up. It is unclear why he was out of his vehicle and stood by the carriageway but needless to say his decision was a fatal one.

With winter upon us and road conditions and other factors increasing the chances of needing to stop, Please be sensible and safe. Don't leave your car unless you have to and if you do need to please move away from the carriageway and stand on the bank. If you're mobile rings and you don't have a hands-free just ignore it if you can. Avoid stopping on the hard shoulder. We all know lorry drivers are on the road for hours. All it takes is a lack of concentration or a tired moment and a slight drift across and there won't be much left of a car.

Please stay safe out there! I'd like to see you all at the next meet!

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also on a serious not , most know on here that i run my own truck , and yes some of the things i see (with driving over 100,000) miles a year is quite worrying

people should carry blankets etc warm clothing in the boot , also high vis vest or jackets (this is compulsary in most countries in europe bar england ) there only cheap from market 2 3 quid each . get your battery checked (free in some places) and fluids ,and make sure your phone is charged or you have an emergency charger in the car . england is one of the most dissorgansied countrys going when it comes to driving in poor weather .im sure any of the club sponsors could give your car a winter check

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Yeah I believe we're the only country in Europe that isn't required to carry a bulb set and a warning triangle. I'm also certain that France require a fire extinguisher too. If you do have to stop, a warning triangle may seem silly but placed 150 Yards behind your car at least oncoming vehicles will be aware and potentially take more care passing you.

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i think most of us are quite sensable drivers on here ,....when we need to be ........

a sad one sitg ...as most would get out of the car .and get away from the road ,

as for the fire extingusers .should come standerd with the car .

bmw came with one ......

yes as above be a bit cairfull this winter ..we might be cairfull drivers but there are some pratts on the road.....

foggy last week .and loads of cars with no lights on thumbup.gif

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