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just after ideas really as i reach the big 40 on this sunday and i haven't a clue what to do for it so any ideas welcome i would like it to be a day/night out involving something different to just going out and getting p***ed not that theres owt wrong with that but you have to admit it has bin overdone just a tad lol

anyway the summary as follows:-

as cheap as possible ie) if meal ideas no more than £25 a head all in

or if an adventure day/night no more than £50 a head

as my birthday is just 7days before crimbo i will be doing my birthday bash in the new year maybe 2nd wk in jan basically because as things get worse finacial wise in the country we all have to watch ours spends now more than ever so i'm thinking that time in mind hopefully gives enough time for people to recoup enough pennies together for a good day/night out

OH! AND DID I FORGET TO MENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all fellow members are very welcome to come along

in fact i insist on at least a few ms members come along

(cheers guys 'n' gals)

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ok ok ok peeps did i forget to say sensible ides please as some peeps out there will not have a choice but too take their kids depending what/where i decide lol and pmsl @ lynn

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