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kick start ????

gwr northants

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is it at all possible to pm via hot mail ??? etc etc

for the moderators on here to pm people like say cusco blue to log on have a giggle p take etc etc

sites been quiet of late ive been trying to liven the place up well its rude not to !!!!!

ive been on here over 3 year now and must admit ive met some really really nice peeps , (paula says im getting emotional lol pmsl )

ya all gay really !!!!!! but either way get some of the old folk back , i know peoples circumstances change , i mean look at me , i thought paula needed a breast job but oh no , i just got bigger hands !!!! :thumbdown::D so come on peeps get some of the old boys back on here to have a giggle !!!!

and yes its good night from me and hello from her !!!! :spam::cat:

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matt do you still go on that gay chat line ?????

hows ya bum fella ????

last time i saw ya you walked a bit iffy ?????

i didnt want to say out but even me kids noticed

they thought u had follwed through !!!!! :thumbdown::D

or was that when you had that piri piri sauce round mine lol pmsl !!!!! (DIRTY BOY TUT TUT )

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