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what do ya have for chrimbo dinner

gwr northants

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cant beat a good bit of mad cow and a nice bit of lamb

(got to have lamb too as paula is a taffy )

and does anyone else have chrimbo dinner on boxing day ??? weve been doing that a few year as the kids are normaly so hyper and playing on new toys they dont really care about dinner

(just chuckem a tin of kronenburg and there fune )

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my kids are the same hopefully not up at 5 this year.....

turkey with all the trimmings...

and then im nackerd........

then to my mums boxing day ...

its like christmas day again ......Red-Wink.gif

but i love christmas .kids faces christmas morning ....so happy ......thumbup.gif

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two fillet steaks each and a turkey breast stuffed with stuffing wrapped in bacon each

with all the roasted trimmings...........cooked in goose fat obviously nom nom nom

that sounds nice ady , have ya tried palma ham instead of bacon though ??? i like chicken breast stuffed with philly with herbs wrapped in palma ham hmmmm lovely jubbly

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you buy them already made lol

ya lazy sod !!!!

you should be out there with ya little pinny on thats all it would take a little one lol (nowt else mind ya ) lol

cooking ya mrs up a nice meal !!!!!

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turkey for us.....i like xmas dinner, its the only time in the year the whole family sits down together, well apart from if we go out, which isnt often.....and you cant beat seeing my dad in a xmas paper hat...

he looks as retarded as i did at the december meet....

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being a o,a,p will can only afford soup with bread but it will be a large tin :laughing:

lol it looks like a small asda value tin for you this year pops seeing as the tories have taken your bus pass and your winter heating allowance :Drinking_trink38:

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Venison for me at xmas. I eat chicken almost every day of the year so the last few years I've done good old deer. Stayed in the forest of dean for xmas last year and visited a proper game butchers in Ross on Wye. Then across the road to the locally grown veg shop for the trimmings. Cooked the venison in red wine and then roasted the parsnips and the baby carrots in the juice too.... Worth a try for those who haven't already

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