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Impreza Idol 2012 - Enter now!


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Well folks - Impreza Idol 2012 has started!

Due to various time restraints we had to hold off on the competition this year but can confirm Round 1 will appear in the Jan-Feb 2012 issue (out just before xmas).

When the Idol competition ran in 2010 there were over 186,000 votes cast over the rounds and final.

The competition is back and this is your chance to be named Idol 2012.

If the title isn’t enough, here is the prize package so far :

- £250 voucher to spend with JapSpeed

- £250 voucher to spend with Synionic

- £150 prize package from Dodo Juice

- Cover feature in the Nov-Dec 2012 issue

- A lifetime subscription to the magazine

- Hoodie, Hat & T-shirt featuring your own car as the Idol

8 entries will be shortlisted each round. Here is the competition format :

- Round 1 – Jan-Feb 2012 issue

- Round 2 – Mar-Apr 2012 issue

- Round 3 – May-Jun 2012 issue

- Round 4 – Jul-Aug 2012 issue

- Final (top 3 from each round) – Sep-Oct 2012 issue

- Winning cover feature – Nov-Dec 2012 issue

Shortlisted entries will appear in the magazine each issue and then voting happens online.

You can enter via the link below. Your entry will be considered for each of the rounds, so even if you are not shortlisted for the next round, you may be chosen for a later round.

Good luck everyone!

ENTER IDOL 2012 HERE http://www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/idol

DON'T FORGET : Our winter subscription offer ends soon - check out http://www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/subscribe for amazing savings plus a free gift.

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Must be being blond... but what exactly is it???


Basically people submit their cars to us - there are 4 rounds over 4 issues. Each round we shortlist 8 cars and then they appear in the magazine. People can then vote online for their favourite - the 3 from each ruond with the most votes goes through to the final - there is a final round of voting and the winner gets prizes and a cover feature :thumbup:

Hope this helps :respect:



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