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The Mrs (aka Pinkpussy)

Scooby 17

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not my cup a tea jase but the 3.2 v6 is a much better tt to have , and yes in that colour , well what can i say lol , yes pink in nature pink in form lol

fook what any body else thinks jase if u and di are happy go for it mate !!!!

ps your earning too much doing bloody naked photography !!!

you wee porn star lol !!!!

only thing i would say is re sale value ??? its one of them colours fella , love it or hate it !!!!! :respect::thumbup::)

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Minis are cool,i love em.Specialy cooper s and works!Not keen on that shape tt,but like the newer ones.Watched an old topgear tuther day and that 3.2 was on in redJezza wasnt impressed,gearbox was a pain and he said the golf r32 mullered it in all areas.

The r32 would be my choice,still 3.2 v6,4wd and sound awesome,hold value well too.Mk4 would be a good price and more room inside.

Yours and di's choice tho mate.

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forget the audi

get rid of the mini

honda s2000 ??????

keep it jap jase

top car and Di can let her hair flow in the wind again lol

Ady , now thats a bloody great idea indeed :)

Runs off to autotrader again !

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Totally agree with the Honda S2000, superb roadster and while we are talking superb 2 seaters, the 'No brainer' is the Porka Boxster...yes i know they are popular, ie to common ! but popular for all the right reasons !!!

You might also like to consider the Alfa Romeo Spyder......a truly beautiful car and certainly one for the ladies, great looks, great engines and full of passion thumbsup.gif

Good luck.

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Mum in law has the 3.2 TT Auto, on a 54. Brought it 4 years ago with full Audi 5yr cover and paid for extended warranty, she has had nothing but problems with it. 1 previous with 28k on the clock, FSH - purchased from Audi Dealership in Sutton, and the front wheel bearings were shot, lucky for her she took out Audi cover as it over heated which needed a new head gasket and then a brake line split open, all happened in first year.

It was in for repair and a mechanic reversed into it, so it had to goto the body shop. Its Silver so im sure you can imagine the nightmare.

Its not even fast, my STD Wagon could do it.

If its for the missus, Porka Boxster with the Winter Pack Roof, but the service costs are ridiculous.

Maybe a look into the VW Scirocco line up or even the Alfa Giulietta 1750 TBi (235 bhp) in black, with a Tan interior... this would make any European Lady drool in the correct regions.

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