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Any staffy lovers?


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A long shot but are there any staffy bull terrier lovers on hereOr do you know of anyone whos beloved dog has passed away recentlyAnd is in a position to give a loving home to our beloved dog?

Weremjust not guna have the time once the babys due,Ill be working all hours and the mrs simply wmont cope with a newborn and a 5yr old dog.

Its just not fairmon the poor dog.its been very hard as he was our baby replacement when itLooked like we couldnt have kids,but our minds are made up,We just want the very best possible home for him now,no bloody chavs ect,And we need his room for the nursery!alot to do lol.

Hes free to a good home,cost us £500 as hes fully k.c reg ect,and will come with a huge cage that hes always sleptmin at nightOr if weve gone out for a while.Hes black n white and soft as poo,please help me rehome him.Cheers,matt.

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hope you find a good home for the wee fella i would say yes but alas we have a staffy bitch that would not be happy , staffs are great dogs great with kids and such a loving breed , hope you get something sorted out fella !!!!

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you seem as if your mind is made up but i speak from experience in saying you really do not have to get rid of your dog if you love him that much

keep him as an outdoor dog............they are pack animals and my staffy is 15 in january so a testament to the fact that it does not harm them

most on here have seen my dogs and scatty for one......(he loves him) will tell you that you could not find a friendlier happy staffy

well worth considering as i for one preferred to get rid of the ex rather than the dogs lol

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