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Supercar Day


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Been on a supercar day at MIRA today.

Had some tough choices to make, could drive 2 cars, which were grouped as:

Group A

Lambo Gallardo

Ferrari 360cs

Porsche 911 GT3

Group B:

Aston DB9

Nissan GT-R

TVR T350

So I chose, and got to drive (in this order):

1. Nissan R35 GT-R

Wow, what a car, I want one :Drinking_trink38:

The instructor said, have you been on track before, Yes I said, but this is my first drive today. OK he said, press the brake pedal for me, now press it properly. Ah, that's better, you need to be braking for the bends like a granny has just stepped off a curb in front of you. OK I said.

1st bend, I just about stick him to the windscreen, he says, you're the first person I've had today that knows how to brake properly :) , now ignore the brake signs and listen to me for your braking points :cool:

Fantastic, car, sounds great, drives great, feels wonderful to drive.

2. Ferrari 360cs

A total different experience, tempered somewhat by an instrutor who was a wimp. First lap, first bend, brake at the braking point, then coast 50m to the turn in point, yet he still keeps telling me to brake at the braking points, and asking me to change up at like 60000RPM, what a good drive spoiled by crap instructor.

Ferrari, a stripped out, raw machine, wonderful direct steering, engine sound to die for, but defintely seemed much quieter inside than it did outside when listening to it. Would have been nice to ring it's neck properly.

I enjoyed the GT-R far more than the 360cs

3. Fast laps in an M3

This was a consolation prize, it should have been in a Ariel Atom, but it had an electrical problem that they couldn't fix on site :(

Adam the 21 year old F3 driver who was doing the laps though, man he can drive. M3 was scortching fast, and even made line corrections going sideways through the last bend to dodge some stones thrown onto the trak by the car in front. Mightly impressive.

He said the M3 was as quick as the Atom, but the ATom felt faster due to the exposure.

The M3 felt fast enough..

So anyway, now I just need to find where I can get myself a truck load of cash urgent to by an R35 GT-R :Drinking_trink38::thumb:

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Sounds a Fantastic day Paul thumbsu.gif

Was it a present or a have you treated yourself?

ps. My gaffa at work has a GTR.....still trying to get behind the wheel of it and can't even tempt him with a swop for the FSTi !!!

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My Son and Wife did 4 laps as a passenger in the Atom, Wife came back as white a a sheet, my Son was the only person to stick both arms up in the air, Stig driver fella said "not many people take their hands off the grips" not brave enough, but say "it was okay". :Drinking_trink38:

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Phil, it was a birthday gift, it cost £99 through one of these Groupon offers. Company running the day is "Supercar Lifestyle".

Well run, well setup, seemed a good set of people.

It claimed in the offer to be worth £625......erm, no, but £99, yes, defintely worth that :Drinking_trink38:

Oh yeah, and been looking you can pick up 2nd hand GT-R's for £35k....... :Drinking_trink38:

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I had a similar drive in a lambo

The instructor was exactly the same as the ferrari instructor.

I've driven faster in my own car, was only allows to use 3rd/4th gears and change at 5000rpm. Bitterly disappointed.

Wouldn't recommend the drives after that but glad you had fun in the Nissan.

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