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Muslims against Crusades


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Are now a BANNED group, wtf how did or do these groups get together. What sort of people run this Country, I say round them up if on Social STOP IT, family on Social STOP IT. Send a Copper round everyday yes its Harrisment but if you dont like it you know what to do. Goodbye close the Door behind you and your Family. Oh sorry you do not want to live the life style in your beloved Countries. TUFF LUCK SHAG just GO GO GO

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i dare say they have reformed as another group already...

surely it is so so simple to stop all this... but you need a stong government, not a weak one..

the majority of the country would be in favour, so why cant they see this!!!! WEAK!!!!!

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All these radicals do is put more nails in their own coffin.....looks whats happening in the Middle east/ Arab world......The writing is on the wall, the Muslim nations want freedom and democracy not oppression and dictatorship!

The Draconian Muslim ways are rotting from within......give it time and the only safe haven in the world for the Taliban and suicide bombers will be England crazysmile.gif...

..Yes Chaps, this country is a joke.....Emigrate NOW !

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