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Today has been a busy day for a Sunday, removing and replacing parts from the Scoob, easy fitting things when they are new, but after a few years they seem to mould together. The most difficult thing to remove was the 2 screws that held my dash hatch in it caused me to break out in a lather. But all done now just awaiting collection day for the new car. Sadly its not a Scoob, who knows one day I might be back, I know I want to be. I will sit and watch the Wanted now so I can move my parts on. Still lurking DEEDEE.

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alfas seem the flavour of the month , even scatty will end up getting one lol

i still one another one deedee , its just a question of timing , i dont want to get hocked up on one , (well ok if it was a white hawk eye ) id sell paula , !!!!!

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In the olden days they where RUST Buckets ELECTRICS where all over the place, nice cars but totaly unreliable.

Me I have gone the Skoda route, the Wife has a Fabia VRS Oil Burner not a flying machine but does 86mpg via computer. I will collect my Octavia Vrs Oil Burner soon. So we are now a two Skoda car family. I was shocked with the Torque its got 350lb wow

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