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dog theft


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got home about an hour ago having been out of the house for just under an hour. came to let the dogs in from the dog pen.....only 1 (of 2) dogs present......

now the dog run is bounded by 5ft fencing and a 6ft gate, plus the side of the house.

check the gate to the front, shut and bolted gate to garden, shut and bolted...... open gate check garden, and neighbours gardens while calling for the missing hound......nothing.

I'm completely confused...... stolen? apparently there is a lot of it going about around LE, (so I've been told by a fellow dog walking policeman on our local walk) people stealing dogs to breed for cash, or to chuck into a pit for the timid hound to be ripped apart by fighting dogs.. (don't even go there.....just the thought of it makes me want to cry and hurt people all at the same time).

so I go out front and start calling her, and go next door after a couple of minutes to see if they have seen or heard anything..... then next door neighbour but one walks up with her on a lead.....

she'd been found by another dog walking couple about 1/4 - 1/2 mile away on the main road, and they followed her home and she was just sat on our front porch, so they spole to neighbours who were in and left her with next door but 1 who recognised her and took her in.

now I can only think that one of two things must have happened.

1. apparently while we were briefly out there were some fireworks going off... maybe this scared her so much she jumped the 6ft gate and ran off...... not likely IMO, as firewruorks normally make her run home (that has happened once before)

2. someone was cruising to nick breedable dogs, heard ours, saw no cars/lights in the house and chanced their arm to open the gate and investigate. now our dogs assume everyone is friendly unless they prove otherwise....why wouldn't they..... both have been snipped, which is clearly obvious by a quick feel on Archie the male, but not so obvious on Belle the bitch. so leave Archie bundle bell in a van, drive off a bit, then, check her out, find the scar and dump her....she's bemused, finally recognises her location and scarpers off homewards....

now my experience of my dogs leads me to believe that 1 is not credible as she's never shown athletic skill of that size before, and I could not even begin to guess why running towards a busy road (and more noise) would be the logical choice, even for a fireworks scared dog, so for me option 2 is the most plausable.......

you have been warned, oh yeah and if you happen to catch one of the scum, give them a swift kick in the nads from me.

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I know dogs can do strange things when scared, and perhaps there is a slim chance she fled over the 6ft gate in panic, but as I said before.......I know my dogs, and that is not something I would have expected..... and why would she have come running home if she'd run away scared only a short time before.....

My theory still stands, and the more I think about the more I wish I 'd been in, I carry a very big heavy torch when outside to see where I'm going.... I suspect it would make a bloody good blunt instrument too, by pure coincidence......

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Well, good news on reflection, could of turned out a lot worse and chances are it won't happen again...

..if i had one of those torches i would knock their lights out hrhr.gif

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Apparently there were fireworks going off while we were out, and she hates them, so maybe she panic'd like made and jumped the 6ft gate and tried to run away from them ?????

No evidence though, as in no scrapes on her from the gate, or large quantities of hair on the top of the gate... although there was a bit, but then she sheds so much hair anyway there's always white hair everywhere outside in the dog garden.

Going to put some further wood above the gate to make it a couple of foot higher just in case she did leap it :crybaby:

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