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WH Smiths profits are up


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Heard on the news this morning that pre tax profits are up despite sales declining

No wonder your trying to scratch that itch Mr Scattergood!

We all know where your Christmas bonus is going :stuart:

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if they cut my staff back anymore, il be having to insert 2 brooms up my ass....

il have had a nervous breakdown if things carry on before i get my xmas bonus!!!!!!

but not a bad set on results considering... it was helped by our travel sector putting in record profits!!!! sadly the high street is treading water somewhat....

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i stole 5 porn mags from there the other day.............they weigh just the same as a koran!!!!

ha ha, its more fun to leave um lying around in the kids department, legs akimbo so to speak!!!!!!

mums go mad for some reason....

no smut in my shop thankyou. just nuts and zoo.....

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