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In a cast after a fight .....

Scooby 17

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Jacob got into a ruck at school wasn't even his fault other kid thought he was someone else :-( this kid (yr11) launched himself at him and Jacob went flying

This happend Thursday since then he has been moaning his wrist hurt , I told him he was fine trip up to ae and sure enough broken


Sure he will milk it , got to go back Monday as it may need an opp

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hope Jacob is Ok, and milkig it for all it's worth :detective:

that's crappy,year 11 that make the twit that did it 16. So what's happening to him then?

You could always go for a civil prosecution .... Or even look for a crminal prosecution for assault.

If the kid is so stupid as to not even get the right person he clearly needs a wake up call.

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