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Dead Mens Shoes


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Hey, seeing as Gurn sold his car and as :crie: as we all are to see him leaving :thumbup: the Subaru community for a life less powerful. Or fun. Or socially fulfilling. Or fun. I was wondering. Can I have his mod job? :unworthy::unworthy:

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:unworthy: thats nearly as funny as ian asking.....

altho you are the right height..... hi hooooooo.... :unworthy:

Yeah? Funny F'ker ain't we? Hey at least I can fit in an Exige without looking like a giraffe in a bungalow :thumbup:

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But yeah, I was actually only joking about replacing Gurn :laughing: rather he didn't leave to be honest - decent mods are few and far between ;)

And heaven forbid if someone outside the clicky collective should want to do more for the club! That train of thought is just not on! People with ideas indeed! Should be locked up!

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