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Still time to leave :p I know of so many left a mark the owner is a tit

If you forget your towel or swipe card he won't let you train and if you leave your belongings out of the locker and with you at a machine he stops you from training again and he only picks on blokes, he's lucky he's not been put on his backside :)

I'd you search cliffords gym on google you will see comments

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i have never used a gym as i think thy are too much pay for joining and pay every time you go , i allway go cyleing or running its free ( remember i am a o.a p so money tight }:p

Bah you O.A.P's get discounts or free entry everywhere lol

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Well I've dropped from 24 stone to 14 :p

Rowing machines really aren't much good tbh :)

I think it depends a lot on the person. I've got a sprained knee in recovery so the rower is ideal. A treadmill is a no no, because running is too high impact. i did a mile run last night round the block and I felt terrible in my knee by the end of it.

Downside of the rower? I've been twice in 2 days and already have 2 hands that make it look like I spend too much time with myself...

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lol I dont run for diaorhea! screw that its pointless, just running there to turn round and run back. Maybe as well stay where you are!

Change of dietary routines and habits, mealtimes etc and a normal working day are more than enough. I'll be back in the gym in the next few weeks but using Mackworth College gym. Its cheap. £18 a month or £3 per session. The staff are great and will help, advise, spot you whenever you need it and it has a good range of kit. Its used by a lot of powerhouse bodybuilders too who will always help you.

And the bonus is that its part of the College and the fit 17/18/19 year old girls doing sports therapy etc courses go in a lot :p

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Haha, sounds great, but I'm enough of a pervert as it is without needing the encouragement.

Diet has crashed. Chicken fillets today. And sadly not the ones that get slipped into bras!

And yes I hate running. I do need someone to either go to the gym with, or get the staff to benefit me a bit more. I do go in when it's quiet...

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I was a member of Lloyds for years-they had a great machine in mine, sold Pop, chrisps, sweets the lot!


I am still going, somehow. There was a midlands scooby silver classic with cracked splitter parked out the front too, stickers for the club and all.

Anyone knows whose it is?

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You ever use it? (I'm not being brutal, I've never seen you!)

And it's a bit late to bail now, i just wanted a gym with a cardio rower. I'm signed up...

be brutal............i love it lol

i not been for weeks............i was training there for the 3 peaks challenge but once i had done that i throttled right back

i now have a couple more things to train for (kilomathon and a triathlon)again so will be going down there very soon

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