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Who would you call???????


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Right, 60 million dollar question, I've asked this on other site so thought i'd ask the same on here.

you have 30K to spend on your scoob to up its power. who you gonna call???????

no jokes, no digs, just simple name 'the company'. :thumbup:

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On a serious note and to answer your question for 30k i'd assume we'd be talking engine build big turbo new ecu mapping etc so would need to look at companies with proven reputation (been there done it so to speak) and although personally I don't think you'd go far wrong with RCM my main concern would be that at their prices i'd only end up with half of what I wanted so to answer in one word and to fulfill all the above.


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well i aint in the money like all you folks lol !!!!! :smiling:

so me , me mate geof !!!!!!

who will drop a hooky 2.5 lump into a classic for me for 500 quid , de cat re map , great !!!! got 28,500 left to go buy cbr 1000 repsol colours with sticky cam full leathers etc etc etc a mi16 205 gti for full track use ,a set of 1210 technics , and a boob job for the mrs lol :smiling::thumbup::D:smiling:

booooooo hooooooooo sorry john

in honest answer to your question fella , i dont really know mate !!!!!

hopefully some one bloody good mate , as i know your a bit of a shrewd buyer , so best of luck fella !!!!!

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