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Glad I moved


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After seeing the destruction caused in an area (ealing) near where i grew up and lived i am so pleased we made the decision to move to Lincoln, it was bad enough in the 80's but the scale of damage done to property then seemed less ( don't know whether this is true ), but to see peoples businesses and homes burnt to the ground is terrible, how no one has been killed so far is a miracle, lets hope the government get a grip soon.

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mindless feral scum..

its one thing fighting and rioting with coppers, i could possibly get my head round that, but arson and looting is just scum of society..

you cant blame the police as their hands are sumwhat tied, but come on, give um a chance to fight back....rubber bullets and tear gas would have been my way.....if you are out on the streets past 10pm then you are only out for trouble....

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