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fixing classic rusty rear arches?


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got mine done at a place in hinckley...... however the prob has come back..... so will prob wait and get another bodyshop to do it.

scoobyclinic are pretty close to you arent they deedee..... might be worth a call see how much.

i paid £300 for mine ( thats both sides!! ).... :thumbup::thumbup:

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along time ago

on a scoob now far away

a great battle begin

between me and a paintshop

large amounts of wonga were exchanged

many visits were made

but still the bubbles returned

many wise words were exchanged

much use of filler was made

but still they returned

new metal was used

(if you believe the hype)

much bulls**t was spoken

and stil

they came back

and finally one day

i gave up bloody trying cus after 6 times of trying it was obvious they wernt going to get it right,

confusus say

go to man who will put new arch section in and do a proper job the first time

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