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We're back folks


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Firstly, thank you for the kind wishes we had from some of you regarding our Wedding/honeymoon.

The Wedding was a great day and was worth the time and effort that was put in and its definately a day we won't forget (not that we want to, lol). Chezs dad even had a great time driving the Scoob and thought it was great when he left someone standing at the traffic lights on the way to the reception. He says it would be great to drive up the Yorkshire Dales in, where they spend a lot of time walking, lol.

We haven't looked yet, but have heard there are a few wedding pics on here. Will get some more up when we have seen our resident photographer. :funny34d: A great big thanks to Jase (Scooby17) and Di (pinkpussy) for taking our photos at the Wedding - you are stars!

The day after the wedding we were chaffuer driven by some crazy woman (not Chez before you ask, lol) who tried to play chicken with a lorry, lol. We eventually got to Heathrow in one piece. As our plane was due to depart Monday morning we wanted to stay over the night before in a hotel near the airport. That was an understatement Chez was horrified when we pulled up at the hotel and as it was halfway up the side of the runway, the planes we taking off every 30 seconds or so shaking the hotel to bits.

Monday morning we got the plane to California and it was the first time Chez had every flown! First stop was The Westin St Francis hotel on Union Square in San Francisco, where we stayed for 3 nights. Well what can I say we were definately dropped into the thick of it. At first it was a bit overwhelming straight after the Wedding. We dropped the bags off and went for a look around and the place was crazy, especially on our first visit to the US and it was early evening by this time and the beggers were out in force on the streets and it wasn't one or two, it was at least 3 on each block!

The sheer size of the city was just mad. It was a shopoholics dream with loads of designer shops wherever you looked and a shop there for everything you needed!

Whilst we were in San Fran we had a helicopter ride, which went over San Fran and Alcatraz and even flew under the Golden Gate Bridge twice, which was awesome. Like I said before it was the first time Chez had flown and then she had a helicopter ride too within a day of being there, lol. Whilst we were there we also went to Alcatraz, which was pretty cool and did lots of shopping.

We picked up the car on the day of leaving San Fran. This was a silver Chrysler Sebring convertible. The bloke at the hire company said we could upgrade to a Dodge Charger, BMW M3 or a Porsche Cayman, which we was gonna hire, but then when he realised we we dropping the car off at another place, he said we couldn't have them. Gutted! Off we went driving on San Franciscos mad roads at midday. The streets were full off either mint cars or battered ones.

It wasnt long though before we were out of the city and on our way to The Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Monterey where we stayed for 3 nights, which was our favourite hotel and area of the whole holiday. The place was absolutely gorgeous with golden beaches, blue seas and lots of friendly people and we soon found a pub that sold Stella too (The London Bridge Inn) near Fishermans Wharf. A few things we did there were visiting Monterey Aquarium. Cheryl wanted to see the otters there, but they were being lazy and unsociable, so didn't really see them, lol. Monterey was a much nicer environment as there werent as many people as there were in the city. We also visited Santa Cruz as this was where they filmed the Lost Boys (chezs favourite film) and had a walk along the Board Walk where the fair was. Again this was another beautiful place and very hot and busy, but still a place we will never forget.

Last stop was Los Angeles at the Andaz West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard for 6 nights. It was 300 miles from Monterey, but took us 8 hrs on a fantastic drive down highway 1, down through the big sur and down the highway coast. We were between Hollywood Boulevard and Beverly Hills and overlooking downtown LA.

Again it was an awesome place, with some fantastic cars and bikes and the sound of rumbling V8s and all different supercars. We visited Hollywood, Universal Studios (the 3d rides were amazing) Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Rodeo Drive and downtown LA. We were in LA for Independence Day celebrations and watched the fireworks from the roof of our hotel. We had lots to eat and drink and then it was time to come home, a few pounds heavier, lol.

Overall it was a great experience and something we won't forget!!!! We are now recovering from the jet lag and it didnt help me having to start work at 6am this morning!

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welcome to back guys...

it didi make me chuckle this morning at 9am when i knew you were at work...and your body thought it was 1am usa time.....sport hurts kids!!!!!!

glad your both back...... :funny34d:

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