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Can't get my breath (again)....


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Decided to take the sacenic route home from Japfest at Donnington, so came out turned right and headed back through Swakestone.

Well, coming over the long bridge just before you get to the sharp right hander (where you'd turn to head off to the Bubble) and across the bridge there are a couple of narrow bits, well when I say narrow I mean narrow enough for my car and a transit to pass.....but clearly not a Renault Megane and a silly bird who has no idea how big her car is .... :crybaby:

So to cut a long story short, I've just spent the last half an hour hoovering the drivers side door mirror out of the car, it went everywhere :question:

So anyone know where I can get a new door mirror glass without being bent over a barrel and abused by a blunt instrument ?

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Oh Dear !

Did she stop?

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your not having alot of luck are you buddy!!

have you tried a few breakers?? or you could send scoobyjam a pm and find out if he has a spare mirror anywhere?? :funny34d:

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If that’s the bit of road im thinking of which states “historical monument” before you cross it, then it needs to bull dozed to the ground.

The best ive seen is on ebay for around £20


not sure if it’s the one, but worth a look im sure fella

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Cheers Ian

Not sure a 1993 will fit, It's only the glass that's gone, otherwise there's barely a mark, there are two tiny marks on the back of the mirror case.

So just need a glass, will try Grade A etc tomorrow (and the main dealer just for a laugh) Not sure if Halfords do just the glass I seem to remember that they do, but not 100%

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