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just to say wont a great club we are all in , andy came all the way over to my house with my tickets for japfeast , as i will be a bit late getting there i cannot thank andy enough , it would have been cheeper by post , but a donot trust the post , ho by the way andy the dogs eat one of the tickets lucky it you the wifes

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No worries Richard look forward to seeing you on Sunday, and as said didn't want to trust the postie with them at this late stage and to be fair was out your way (well half way there) catching up with some old friends.

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Are there any left? ;):D:crybaby:

Tickets and stand passess were ordered sometime ago I did order a few spare stand passess but these have been requested by others I'll try and get some confirmations as to wether I have any spare and i'll let you know.

But at this stage unfortunately its a no.

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well done andy... :crybaby:

any smog on the way into ashbourne?????

Yes a bit, but it came out the diesel Golf haha.

Still not sorted the clutch needs a another bleed, and to be honest i'd rather try doing the job with you than Cathy. So haven't driven the Impreza in anger yet.

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