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Just got back from florida...


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So I was hoping in florida I might see at least 1 impreza...

And I did. A 2 litre sport wagon (oh dear!)

The good news is I upgraded from a yank focus to a dodge charger.

3.5l hemi engine. Automatic with tiptronic. Smooth like a 7 denier stocking and goes like wazz!


Was still nice to get back in the impreza ready for its MOT before the end of the month though :|

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I took it away from the rental spot with a full tank, and put 20 bucks in when it was empty. It half filled the tank.

It had a "MPG" bar on the heads up display. I got it as low as 1MPG... For the entire trip I returned it at 22mpg. That's a new record even for my driving.

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