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Back from the Nurburgring

the hamster

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Thought i'd share some pics from this years Nurburgring trip.

Had a great time, weather was awful and I only got 1 dry lap on Saturday which you can see here

and heres some pics, including a rare visit from 2 Bugatti Veyrons!




Focus RS seems the Ring weapon of choice this year and the new Megane





unfortunately it all didnt go as expected. After a great weekend we set off for home yesterday at 11am but after 250 miles cruising on the Belgian motorway the bottom end started knocking. Ended up having to get recovered by 3 different companies from Belgium and the UK and get home at 7.30am, 20 hours in the car! She's going to get a heart transplant when my bank account has recovered from the trip, then de-tuned/remapped down to 280-300bhp to prolong the life of the gearbox/engine etc. If I want the car to perform i'll reduce weight rather than increase power so the brakes etc can cope better.

Overall, had a great time and fulfilled my ambition of a sub 10 minute lap :crazysmile:

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Sorry to hear about your engine going on you but sounds like you achieved what you set out to achieve and enjoyed it - great memories of the Ring, what a track :crazysmile:

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Shame about the engine, but been there done that got the t-shirt, and the large bill to fix it.

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on the lookout for a bottom end or engine. Thinking I might go for a Legacy gtb lump (96 onwards) as they have sti pistons apparently.

Once I get back on my feet now that i've had my op i'll start putting in an effort to get the bits and fix it, so if you spot anything cheap let me know.

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