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my brokan toe


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back to the hospital tuesday with my brokan toe might have to have a cast and cruches oops

whent to the hopital last week with my brokan toe and they sent me to x ray and then strapt it up with a plaster tipe of thing so then i whent home and we was in the minnie :thumbup:

then we was having a bbq the other day and then we had a phone call saying mr froggatt your son jacob has an apointmant on tuesday at fractur clinic but all i said is it an injectioun my mum says no no :)

but there is one good thing it is first day back at school get in ;):D :D ;)

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ha ha lol but never a pink cast blue is the one then ile get all the midland scooby peopul to sighn

Blue and gold surely!! lol There again white is the best colour!! :thumbup:

Hope it's sorted soon for you young fella ;)

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