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Scooby 17

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Good for retaining your cars value and obvious reduction in running costs But..............Why?..

...I would imagine you dont really 'Know' your car! In the same sense that you wouldn't really know your occasional 'bit on the side' as well as your wife (regular spouse)!

Still, 1798 miles of fun is better than a lifetime of misery :crazysmile:

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I often wonder why, either you have that much money you own a car just to POSE in, or you cannot aford to run it daily. If petrol continues to rise along with everything else it might as well have ZERO miles, because it will be worthless, unless you fit into the 1st catagory, Wealthy. Sorry but I just cannot see the point of having a car stuck away for 10 Months of the year, but the best bit that makes me LAUGH is how pristine you all declare them to be, they should bloody be if they don't see any daylight or use. I would sooner see a motor that used and cared for, shows the owner cares much more than someone who just wipes the dust off.

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Hey Scatty so you drive yours daily, do you like it, do you wash it and maintain it yes you do, are you proud of it yes you are. Will you be able to say I owned a Subaru drove a Subaru and had my monies worth Yes. When the time comes and you no longer own it you can say I enjoyed it, Posers will say I owned a Subaru never drove it but enjoyed looking at it and wiping off the dust. Best car I ever owned, had never any trouble in 6 years and 2750 miles. What a waste might as well have aa Reliant Robin. A BIG up for the folks who own a Subaru and who use them, I like the sound of the rumble, some people might have it recorded, or even stand on the street corner waiting for a Scoob to pass, and say I'e got one of them.

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Kin hell-so what catagory do i fit then-Poser?? Think not-only dont use mine cause i work away a lot in my works van. I aint rich either, use the car most weekends, havent got a garage(in reference to your other post) wash it prob once a month if i can be arsed. Drive it as it should be driven when i get the chance and am home. Dont think you can generalise ownership as easy as that. Oh and pristine?? Behave yourself!

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Oh dear looks like I've opens a can of worms lol , I am with u Hendo Defo not loaded and ain't no poser ! Spent lots on mods as others have 2 . Drive a company car in the week doing 40k a year , the car is my only vice and is worth every penny great to go 2 meets when I can and c other cars , yes I do have a garage and yes it used to get cleaned a lot and so fooking what makes me happy !

Car is for sale if u look in for sale section , for the reason I posted this justify the cost of running it for weekend car but I am beginning to think in fact it's worth the cost even tho my personal position is tough at min with work problems and a drop off on sales over the last year !

Rant over just thought was funny 2 post this up !!

Forgot to say I do drive it as it should be makes me very happy 2 also yes I do know the car very very well inch by fookin inch

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